Flexible production of consumer goods enabled by PIA

Consumer goods

More efficient through automation

Consumers demand more and more specific products, and manufacturers of consumer goods must be more and more attuned to understanding consumer needs. One trend is mass customization: as an alternative to hardly affordable, individually manufactured goods, customers order products with features that fulfill their personal preferences as if from an à la carte menu. The consequence of this is a whole spectrum of new challenges for manufacturers. PIA offers intelligent production solutions with the required flexibility and process reliability. Whether for customized mass-produced products or to fulfill more stringent product liability demands, assembly systems from PIA deliver high quality and plant availability for maximum production output. PIA systematically thinks the creative ideas of the industry through to the end and, together with its customers, transforms seemingly impossible challenges into reliable production plants – including fast and efficient on-site service.

Assembly portfolio

Consumer Goods

Assembly portfolio

  • Manual toothbrushes
  • Charger for electric toothbrushes
  • Razor cutting heads
  • Epilators
  • Fever thermometers
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Hairdryers
  • Door locks
  • Grooved ball bearings
  • Brush disks
  • Sockets
  • Thermostatic valves
  • Self-closing housings
  • Cutting units for wet razors
  • White goods components
  • Refrigerator compressors
  • Spice mill grinders

Know-how from many industries

All consumer goods are mass-produced. Small price, high circulation, top-drawer quality. That’s what PIA Automation does.

Our knowledge of critical product characteristics and specific production processes gives our customers competitive advantages through shorter times-to-market, since we enable a more efficient production implementation. Extensive practical experience from our other key industries also comes to the fore in consumer goods production. Process experience from other industries such as automotive or medical technology is repeatedly incorporated into the projects – and this synergy benefits our customers. As a result, this leads to a reduction in production costs – and thus to competitive advantages such as high throughputs, minimal error rates and a constant readiness to innovate. This makes PIA a strong partner in the consumer goods industry.

Innovation readiness and industry 4.0

To continually tap into the potential of production plants, data-supported and highly networked control processes (smart production) open up new ways of production. After the analysis of machine and production data, e.g. OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) level, increase in cycle rate, scrap rate, wear rate, energy consumption etc., an assessment of targeted optimization options is carried out in order to achieve greater efficiency with decreasing running costs. In the future, intelligently networked production plants (I 4.0) will be able to monitor their production capacity independently and report any disturbances directly to the service team of the operator or to PIA. This is yet another competitive advantage for our customers and a contribution to economical and resource-friendly production.

Development included

PIA full service starts with the idea. Right from the start, we ensure the right approach.

We support our customers with the introduction of a new product and accompany them from the idea to economical mass production. Through DFMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly) workshops and simultaneous engineering, we contribute to achieving an optimal price-performance ratio between the plant and the production material. As early as the product development stage, for example, we use tolerance analyses and feasibility studies to optimally coordinate the product and the production process. By reducing the number of parts required, choosing the right designs, making assembly as easy as possible and reducing the number of work steps required, risks can be minimized, and costs reduced without neglecting product quality, product reliability and marketability.

Development of special production line facilities – together to success

The development and realization of special production line systems is a core competence of PIA Automation. PIA has more than 40 years of experience in mechanical engineering and automation. On the basis of the wishes and requirements communicated to us by our customers, we will design the optimum production facility, and with automated processes upon request. In our development, we are always ready to go down unconventional routes.

Increased product responsibility and traceability

PIA uses its know-how from the automotive industry to achieve the traceability of components and end products in mass production. Traceability has been in practice for decades, especially in the case of end products.

PIA plant technology controls the acquisition, collection, storage and processing/forwarding of data during production in the high cycle range. Product ID codes (DMC, QR, RFID) are processed, applied by printing, engraving or gluing to each finished assembly or the end product.

PIA has the necessary expertise, software tools and partners to guarantee its customers the desired product security and traceability in their production.


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