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Safety counts

Safety is one of the key features when it comes to positioning brands and models. The demands on safety equipment have increased: the number and type of airbags, their functionality and absolute reliability in the event of an emergency are the challenges for serial production.

Safety always has priority

In this segment, we offer a range of production solutions for safety devices that are indispensable in today’s automotive industry. Our well-engineered automation concepts give the manufacturers a high level of safety that ensures consistent manufacturing quality even with high production rates and fast cycle times.


Airbags are central to personal protection. PIA provides a series of established production and testing procedures.

You simply can’t be careful enough with airbags. They are the devices that protect the life and physical safety of the driver and passengers. Triggering, reliability and fault-free operation are of fundamental importance here, and in recent years PIA has developed comprehensive solutions and implemented fully automatic production line systems that guarantee precisely these three features:

  • Gas generators for airbags
  • Igniters for airbag gas generators
  • Microgas generators
  • Complete airbag modules

Here, the required specialist knowledge in the field of explosion protection and handling of explosives was expanded and certified (certificate of competence for handling pyrotechnic articles for technical purposes of the classes T1 and T2 according to §20 of the German Explosives Act).

Seat belt systems

Seat belts must be easy to use and must work simply and fast if an emergency occurs – and that’s axactly what PIA guarantees.

Modern belt systems today have belt tensioners, belt force limiters and belt buckle switches, because the forces that act in an impact are enormous and make high demands on the restraint system.

We focus on the automated production of the following components:

  • Seat belt buckles
  • Belt tensioners
  • Belt buckle switches
  • Belt rewinding units

Sensores and more


More and more sensors are needed to provides the data for intelligent systems. This is also an area in which we excel.

Sensor technology in vehicles is becoming increasingly important as more and more data input is needed for reliable and intelligent control. Here we develop tailor-made solutions for highly effective and long-lasting safe components. For our customers, we are developing a growing number of solutions that enable extremely short cycle times and flexibility in adaptive production.

These comprise:

  • Sensors for tire pressure
  • Sensors for distance measurement
  • Acceleration sensors
  • Temperature sensors


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