Product optimization

Exploiting savings potential

Saving and automation are directly related.

As early as the development phase of the product, PIA simulates complex tasks, working in partnership with customers (DFMA, Design for Manufacture and Assembly).

Virtual development and virtual test procedures faciliate commissioning and reduce costs.

Virtual processes that replace time-consuming, resource-intensive and costly real-world testing and trial operations are only one of the many examples, where the use of information technology opens up high savings potential.

By quickly (virtually) varying machine settings, processes and arrangements in the simulation, insights into the functionality of the production facility can be collected and evaluated without much effort.

Space-saving concepts contribute significantly to reducing production costs.

Production space is expensive and scarce. PIA systems are optimized in terms of space requirements, without neglecting the necessary accessibility for maintenance and operation.

For this purpose, we also evaluate and consider material infeed and outflow as well as the media supply or the existing production hall layouts (columns, gates, ceilings, doors, elevators). Other aspects of facility planning are the creation of clean rooms and material locks, as well as the establishment of security areas.