At PIA, social responsibility is a top priority

PIA Foundation

Social commitment and social responsibility

We are convinced that an entrepreneurial mentality along with action are firmly linked to social responsibility. Therefore we support activities that contribute to the common good of society. Since the beginning of the year the social commitment of each PIA site has been bundled under the umbrella of the PIA Foundation with the aim of achieving an even greater impact.

This approach spans the entire company, from customer projects all the way to the corporate citizenship of PIA Automation. Social engagement is anchored within the PIA mission: „We act responsibly toward our customers, our investors, and our social environment“ As the PIA Foundation we are dedicated to the following principles:

  • Promotion of science and research
  • Inspiration and development of young talents
  • Advancement of a healthy society

In all capacities we see ourselves as a partner who, in line with the content of the project and local circumstances, provides support in the form of know-how, active action, donations or sponsoring. Further, the involvement of our employees is very important to us. For example, employees are welcome to submit ideas for peticular activities. An essential element in their evaluation requires proposals having to match the PIA values (such as respect, courage, passion) as well as the strategic business units of each location. This ensures a sustainable connection between corporate strategy and the content of the PIA Foundation.