We set our focus on quality right from the start

Quality management

Quality has the highest priority at PIA

The production facility is the heart and soul of every manufacturing enterprise. Consistently high quality is the decisive factor in all automated mass production scenarios. The satisfaction enjoyed by our employees, our partners, our stakeholders, and, above all, our customers is the result of the clear processes and procedures installed and implemented within our organization. The declared objective of our policy is the constant improvement of quality in every respect.

The basic goals and principles

One declared goal of our company management is a permanent improvement of the quality management system for our products and services. We are a reliable partner for our customers thanks to our innovations in technologies, in-house core competencies and professional project management.

Our customers

The most important goal of our activities is to increase customer satisfaction. Our products and services must meet the requirements of our customers better and more comprehensively than those of our competitors. We solve problems in the areas in which we are technologically proficient – and we collaborate with our customers closely, using our innovative ideas to fulfill their expectations so convincingly that we are able to gain substantial market shares and realize corresponding prices.

Our employees

Our employees and managers are our most important internal resource. All our managers must make intensive efforts to ensure that all employees – depending on their areas of responsibility – understand and fully apply the company’s goals and strategies for the quality of our products and services. Striving to continuously improve our performance is an obligation for all PIA employees.

Our shareholders

Our shareholders provide us with a substantial portion of the financial resources we require for our company. The long-term strategic orientation and know-how of our shareholders in China enable us to achieve more growth potential. Our goals vis-à-vis our shareholders are formulated in our corporate planning. It is essential that we achieve a profit for the return on capital employed.

Our suppliers

We strive to achieve long-term goals in partnership with our suppliers. The continuous improvement of cooperation in the processes and systems of suppliers contributes to economic efficiency, supplier reliability and quality improvement. Rapidly changing and increasing demands from our customers also require the highest degree of flexibility from our suppliers and the willingness to contribute to problem-solving procedures creatively and quickly – so the supplier’s deliveries and services must comply fully with all agreed and statutory requirements.

We fully accept our share of responsibility for the environment

Environmental relief

PIA assesses and monitors current and future activities from an environmental point of view –and we regard the relevant environmental regulations as minimum standards. In taking the appropriate measures, PIA is also committed to continuously reducing its environmental impact.

Promotion of environmental awareness

The sense of responsibility for the environment is promoted by the employees of the PIA Group, who comply with environmental protection at all company levels. PIA employees are provided with relevant information, which encourages them to act in an environmentally responsible manner at their workplaces.

Products and production processes

Within the scope of the possibilities specified by customers, PIA develops products that are designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible in terms of production, usage, recycling and disposal. In doing so, PIA undertakes to comply with the regulations on environmental protection and the health and safety of its employees.

Emergency prevention and precautions

In order to prevent or reduce accidental emissions and disruptions, PIA develops and updates the precautionary systems in coordination with employees and the relevant authorities/institutions.



Our management system is regularly certified according to the current quality standard of the EN ISO 9001 series.


PIA works with excellent partners

Success comes from teamwork – and that is why we cultivate the best contacts in a spirit of true partnership.

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