We set our focus on quality right from the start

Quality management

Quality has the highest priority at PIA

The production facility is the heart and soul of every manufacturing enterprise. Consistently high quality is the decisive factor in all automated mass production scenarios. The satisfaction enjoyed by our employees, our partners, our stakeholders, and, above all, our customers is the result of the clear processes and procedures installed and implemented within our organization. The declared objective of our policy is the constant improvement of quality in every respect.

PIA Automation provides highly integrated and networked manufacturing processes that enable greater flexibility and groundbreaking improvements in the efficiency of production methods around the globe.   

Our Corporate Basics and Principles

Our core values trust and respect, courage, openness and honesty, teamwork, passion, and ambition are fundamental components of our daily work. By systematically managing opportunities and risks as well as by coordinating and harmonizing our economic, social, environmental, and quality-related activities and goals we achieve sustainable corporate success. Our goals and performances are measured continuously on the basis of specified key figures. We are committed to continual improvement through the regular review and updates of our process-oriented, integrated management system. We actively cooperate with interested parties and compete internationally with a higher value proposition through our flexibility, expertise, and innovation. 

Our Legal Compliance  

We are committed to applicable standards, rules, and regulations. Our business practices are in line with internationally recognized standards for enterprise management and monitoring and meet the highest ethical standards.

Our Quality and Information Security  

Our philosophy of quality is holistic. The quality of our automation solutions and services is crucial to the satisfaction and success of our customers. Therefore, we incorporate risk-based thinking, set our focus on quality right from the start and build all of our systems and perform our services to the highest quality standards. Order and cleanliness in all areas of our business are a top priority.
Maintaining the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information is a key concern.

Our Occupational Health & Safety

We attach great importance to occupational health and safety. To strengthen and further improve our high level of industrial safety, we actively cooperate with the authorities, qualified experts and involve and consult our employees. We aim for prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses and provide safe and healthy working conditions. Hazards will be eliminated, and risks minimized.
It is important to us that all employees return home safely after their work is done.

Our Environment and Sustainability

We are committed to protecting the environment and to reducing our environmental impact to the best of our ability as well as to increasing our environmental performance as a result of the continual improvement of our integrated management system. Emergency prevention and precautions are key elements. Within the scope of the possibilities specified by customers, we develop products that are designed to be as environmentally friendly and efficient as possible in terms of design, production, usage, recycling, and disposal.  

We are convinced that an entrepreneurial mentality along with action are firmly linked to social responsibility. Ethical business principles and social responsibility are integrated into our business practices, and we support activities that contribute to the common good of society. 

Our Customers

Through honesty and transparency, delivery reliability, fast reaction, and extensive high quality, we win the trust of our customers. We strive for increasing customer satisfaction and are a reliable partner for our customers thanks to our innovations in technologies, in-house core competencies and professional project management. We solve problems in the areas in which we are technologically proficient and collaborate with our customers closely, using our innovative ideas to fulfill their expectations. 

Our Employees

Our employees are our most important asset – everyone contributes to the company’s success. All employees shall understand and fully apply the company’s goals and strategies. Striving to continuously improve our performance is a primary goal for all employees. We see personal development as a key factor to success and provide regular and comprehensive education and training possibilities.  

By creating an excellent working atmosphere and by taking actions to increase employee’s enthusiasm, motivation, and know-how, we promote awareness for quality, IT security, environment as well as health and safety.  

Our Shareholders

We appreciate the trust and want to create value for our shareholders by meeting the needs of our customers, employees, and the public. The long-term strategic orientation and know-how of our shareholders enable us to achieve more growth.

Our Suppliers

We strive for partnership with our suppliers. The effective use of the strengths of our partners and suppliers as well as continual improvement of cooperation in the processes and systems of suppliers contributes to economic efficiency, supplier reliability and quality improvement. Rapidly changing and increasing demands from our customers also require the highest degree of flexibility from our suppliers and the willingness to contribute to problem-solving procedures creatively and quickly – so the supplier’s deliveries and services must comply fully with all agreed and statutory requirements.

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Our management system is regularly certified according to the current quality standard of the EN ISO 9001 series.