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Customer Service

We are there whenever you need us

Production losses due to technical malfunctions are never uncritical and must always be given highest priority. We have a portfolio of services you can call on at any time to safeguard the availability of your production systems. These include not only repair and maintenance services, software updates, upgrades (e.g. change and version management), and a 24-hour hotline but also routine servicing, inspections, and a comprehensive range of supporting measures for newly commissioned systems, including production supervision, training programs, and staff training courses.

The PIA service request and other documents can be found under Downloads.

Customer Service

How to use our service

No matter which service you want to use, our CS will immediately provide you with the right services.

Our service promise

  • After installation of your facilities, our customer service guarantees maximum availability of our solutions during ongoing production.
  • We always ensure fast response times and short decision-making processes to minimize downtime.
  • We offer limitless service in a networked and globalized world – and we are optimally positioned for this thanks to our remote maintenance facilities and our international presence. We offer reliable services to our customers, starting from our locations in Germany and China.

The expertise of our service team

  • Extensive experience in special machine construction
  • Problem-solving expertise and flexibility
  • Highly qualified specialists in the field of PLC programming and mechatronics
  • Best in-house networking and access to project-specific specialists
  • Direct access to project-specific documentation
  • Worldwide network of experts and branches in Germany, Austria, North America, Canada, Croatia and China