Product optimization

Lean Production

PIA sets milestones for efficient production processes with customer-oriented lean production.

PIA recognized the value of lean production, of the economical and time-efficient use of the production factors of resources, personnel, materials, planning and organization within the scope of all company activities.

The aim of lean production is to constantly optimize productivity, to increase the quality of the products and the flexibility of the entire production system, enabling the customer to achieve a higher added value. Lean production systems are the prerequisite for customer-oriented and cost-optimized production.

The starting points here are

  • Segmentation of production
  • Organization of the processes
  • Standardization
  • Inclusion and acceleration of product development
  • Smooth material flow
  • Continuous quality improvement

With the concept of lean production, PIA pursues the principle of the learning organization and combines it with the concept of standardization.