Automation technologies

System elements

A wide range of different assembly concepts can be set up using automation based on the modular principle. Thanks to the use of system elements that are coordinated and can be combined with each other, a wide variety of production processes can be interconnected.

Important requirements like the lean production principle or modularity, expandability and reusability of the assembly systems can be met quickly and smoothly with minimal downtimes, thanks to the modular architecture.

The demand for a simple relocation of production facilities to different production sites can also be met.

Assembly cells

the basis of all facilities

PIA offers various cell concepts as a modular basis for its facilities. PIA developed its own standard cells for this purpose.

This conceptual solution offers decisive advantages such as standardized sizes, different door concepts and the ability to be combined with all other PIA facility systems.

Rotary indexing systems

fast, safe, compact

When assembly processes need to be automated quickly and safely, rotary indexing systems are used, and this is ideal when small and miniature assemblies have to be assembled cost-effectively and efficiently – and where space is at a premium.

Three different drive types are available as standard

  • Cam-controlled
  • Servo-controlled
  • Pneumatic

Linear transfer systems

Linking of complex processes

If assembly processes require the linking of complex processes, linear transfer systems are used for the assembly and testing of medium to large parts. These systems are particularly advantageous when a high level of vertical integration is required. All PIA system elements can be connected to each other.

Manual workstations

Ergonomic and versatile

Our flexible and ergonomically designed manual workstations are based on a standardized basic structure. They enable the economical production of small series with a high level of process reliability, thanks to extensive poka-yoke measures and workflow monitoring by means of a central control computer system. Multiple PIA manual workstations can be easily connected to lean production systems.


for the most stringent hygiene requirements

Automated production systems for medical technology are usually subject to particularly high demands. The Meditec® systems developed by PIA increase the productivity and assembly of medical technology components with a high level of vertical integration. For the production of medical products, various PIA standard system elements, process stations and the procedural workflow can be modified as required.

  • A system specially designed for the automated assembly of pharmaceutical and medical products
  • Documentation and qualification in accordance with GAMP 5 requirements
  • Cladding and superstructures in stainless steel, optional viewing ports of real glass
  • This design can be used up to cleanroom class 6
  • Certificate of the Fraunhofer IPA in compliance with DIN EN ISO14644-1

further information regarding Meditec

palletizing systems


Palletizing always requires an individual solution, which must be adapted to the product and customer’s requirements.

In order to meet the requirements, we at PIA can fall back on a large number of technical solutions for loading and unloading components.