Product optimization

More economical production

PIA designs production according to a proven modular system. Standardization makes production profitable.

Consistently high productivity results from high process reliability, low maintenance and service costs as well as a long service life with optimum operating performance. Thanks to the various standardized facility concepts, which can be flexibly combined, we achieve short development and realization times.

PIA facilities help to reduce your time to market.

Through the close cooperation with suppliers and the continuous training and further education of our engineers, we have also been able to significantly reduce the energy consumption of our facility – while at the same time achieving higher output and even better quality. This reduces ongoing production costs and saves resources.

The goal of PIA engineers is to produce more profitably with less effort. This is achieved by improving all the ROI-relevant (return-on-investment) “setscrews”: saving energy, increasing product longevity, maximizing cycle rates and minimizing wear and maintenance.

A good example of this is the servo-controlled rotary transfer system developed by PIA – the “Compact Basic Machine” (CGM), which enables increased production flexibility with increased facility and energy efficiency. This facility requires only eight main workstations, making it particularly compact and flexible. It is cheaper to purchase, operate and maintain than comparable cam-controlled systems that have twelve or 16 stations or pneumatic solutions. The drive is purely electromechanical, which not only enables higher cycle rates (up to 50 cycles per minute) compared to pneumatics, but also reduces energy consumption. Horizontal stroke, vertical stroke and rotary movement can be controlled independently of one another via individual servomotors. The CGM is low-wear and achieves maximum cycle rates with minimal energy consumption. The components have an outstanding service life.

Modular and innovative – the pia multi-carrier system

Production lines with the PIA Multi-Carrier System can react flexibly to different processes. This is made possible by the individual control and modular structure of the carriers. The production process can be customized for individual customers, and efficiency and cycle rates can be increased.

Even small batch sizes can be produced as cost-effectively as large quantities.

The digitization of industrial production is dynamizing production processes and has revolutionized serial production.

Individual customer requirements can be more closely integrated into the production process and companies can react more quickly to changing market conditions and requirements at the same time. Yet another positive effect is the increase in resource productivity and efficiency.


Successful PIA concepts for more cost-effectiveness:


The clictec patented quick-change system enables maximum modularity and the quick changing of processes and workpiece-holding fixtures with just one click.


When planning production environments, PIA focuses on energy-saving, durable and wear-free drive and control concepts:

  • Compressed air–free assembly systems
  • Energy-efficient basic machines with cam and servo drive, e.g. EGM and CGM.
  • Energy consumption measurements in facilities
  • Use of energy-efficient components
  • Intelligent control and regulation technology (automated start and stop)