Partnership-based cooperation

PIA Project management

We believe that constant communication with the customer is crucial for the success of the project.

In order to realize a high degree of cooperation, the PIA factories cooperate across disciplines & continents (cross-selling projects).

  • PIA employees work hand in hand with customers to ensure that the product and facility design is optimally coordinated in advance.
  • Everyone in the PIA project team feels personally responsible for the joint success.
  • A PIA contact person responsible for the entire duration of the project ensures security and reliability in the collaboration.
  • PIA sees itself as a responsible general contractor, even across several PIA locations.

Development Implementation Support

When designing a system, we always address all the relevant parameters.

Several factors influence the development of a production facility from the initial enquiry to turnkey delivery and commissioning. The best way to categorize them –

  • Product
  • Framework conditions
  • PIA system elements
  • Processes

Always in focus – the product

Everything revolves around the product that a production facility is to manufacture automatically – i.e. quickly, precisely, cost-effectively and as smoothly as possible in mass or series production. Dimensions, composition, dimensions, materials, tolerances to be adhered to, acting forces, variants, delivery conditions – but also costs, editions, cycle rates etc. are decisive for the conception of the production facility.

PIA Project flow

Our stages on the way to a customized system solution that meets all our customers’ requirements.