Work Life Balance

1,850 people, 12 locations, three continents - PIA is a growing, global team. We live by an inherent core value system which supports our employees from different cultures and nations to come together and embrace individuality to form one team.



People from numerous nations work together at PIA. We cultivate the knowledge and different perspectives of the cultures and celebrate the uniqueness of our employees which creates an inimitable diversity that we consider to be our greatest asset.


We bundle our social commitment under the umbrella of the PIA Foundation. Commitment to the common good is an integral part of our corporate mission and is therefore anchored in the PIA Mission.


We act responsibly and sustainably in the interests of our employees, customers and investors. We are equally responsible with our natural resources. PIA takes an active role in promoting environmental awareness and encourages our employees to take all necessary actions to protect our environment.


As our company grows into a globally networked organization with locations in Europe, Asia and North America, the challenge of communicating with each other smoothly and effectively increases. An outstanding platform for communication in the PIA world is our internal company magazine PIA INSIDE, which is published at regular intervals and informs about current developments in the industries and keeps all employees up to date with the latest news at the PIA locations.

Our corporate values

We create innovation by listening and learning with openness.

We collaborate globally as one team with appreciation.

We deliver results with focus, reliability and agility. 

PIA Life - Coming Together, Connecting

We are a company that depends on the ideas of its employees, so it’s important to us that our employees enjoy working at PIA and are free to develop their skills. In addition to an excellent working enviroment, PIA Life also offers employees a range of activities outside working hours, promoting solidarity and helping them to simply enjoy themselves. The activities include joint excursions and sporting events such as the PIA Business Marathon – however, we also host less strenuous events like joint summer parties and health & safety activities! PIA Automation is a project-organized company. Strict hierarchies have no place in our company – we believe that anyone who has an idea should be able to share it, so a suggestion scheme is in place through which every employee, regardless of his or her department, can contribute individual ideas.

PIA Life is a comprehensive program which is available to all our employees:

  • Occupational health management
  • Organization of projects and events for employees: Sports events, health day, summer party, a company run
  • Health & safety training like first aid courses
  • various sports activities such as yoga, fitness, body workout, nutritional advice etc.


Mark Beyer (Applications Engineering)

PIA is a great place to work because of my fellow employees and the clean safe work environment. We foster a family work environment which helps us to deliver a quality product for our customers.


Phil Shum

PIA Automation Canada is a great place to work! We have a wonderful culture of winning and striving for excellence. Every employee who works for PIA is a member of a winning team. If you’re the type of person who is detail oriented and always strives for improvement, then PIA is the place for you.

Nicole Dych-VP (PIA Finance)

I enjoy working for PIA because no two days are ever the same.  We are constantly in a state of growth and improvement. 

Austin Carmack (Mechanical Engineer)

As a relatively new employee, I feel that I learn something new every day.  I like that PIA is an international company which, as a whole, makes our designs and production diverse.