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PIA Automation - the Tier 1 Supplier

PIA offers its automation solutions to various industrial sectors. In addition to industrial and consumer goods, healthcare and green energy, the focus is on the automotive sector with its sub-sectors components, powertrain, e-mobility, safety and autonomous driving (ADAS).
The E-Mobility and ADAS, require new and intelligent technologies for production. Therefore, PIA’s focus is on networked concepts that guarantee maximum flexibility and quality. PIA can fall back on a modular system with numerous standard modules, from which individual solutions for our clients are created. In close cooperation and trustful partnership with the customers, PIA's teams and the various plants work together in an interdisciplinary and global manner and accompany each project from the planning phase to the final assembly with a competent contact person.

PIA - an important partner

First tier supplier

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) are the end point of a demanding supply chain or the top of the supply pyramid in industrial manufacturing. The foundation is formed by parts suppliers, followed by the next level of component suppliers which is followed by the next level of modules and systems suppliers. The three levels below the OEM are referred to as first tier, second tier and third tier according to their importance for the manufacturer. This pyramid structure has become particularly apparent in the automotive industry. The Original Equipment manufacturer procures its components from the system and module suppliers, these from the component manufacturers, these in turn from the parts suppliers. As a first-tier supplier, PIA has been an important partner of numerous OEMs in the automotive industry for many years and is recognized as such. The same applies to the parts and component suppliers with whom PIA works.



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Decades of experience

PIA - one of the leading automation providers worldwide

PIA Automation has over 60 years experience in automation technology and during this time has proven to be a leading company in the Industry. PIA develops and manufactures at nine production and three service/engineering locations in Germany, Austria, Croatia, USA, Canada, Mexico and China. The main feature of our portfolio are custom solutions and execution of assembly and testing systems, which are tailored exactly to the needs and requirements of the customers.