Automation solutions

Cable processing

There are not many industries and branches of industry that can do without pre-assembled cables in their production. They are particularly in demand in the fields of electrical and power engineering as well as in machine and control cabinet construction, which we take into account with our solutions. Cable processing involves numerous different manufacturing steps, including cutting to length, stripping and soldering, as well as the attachment of contacts and pre-assembled switches. Pre-assembled cables are then inserted into housings in further work steps and combined into cable assemblies. PIA assembly systems can not only process cables fully automatically, but are also designed to integrate additional assembly sections and perform test routines.

Our portfolio for wire processing

Our machines for cable processing are capable of precisely cutting and stripping multi-core and shielded cables, strands or ribbon and coaxial cables. They cover a wide range of wire diameters and cross-sections. The same applies to sheathed cables, crimp, slice, soldered and welded connections.

Automation with PIA solutions allows high productivity in many different application areas. Nevertheless, our systems are easy to program and operate. Many functions can be defined in advance to simplify daily set-up and to enable a wide range of processing options. Our design principles also ensure seamless integration into your production processes.

Extensive equipment and long service life

The equipment - some of which are optional - naturally includes the appropriate knives, a straightener for all cables and strands for trouble-free and problem-free feeding, a material end switch-off, a storage tray for the orderly reception of the finished cables and sufficient interfaces for peripheral devices and connection to the operational IT infrastructure. The design and construction are so robust that a long service life of our cable processing systems is guaranteed.

Active advice on our automated wire processing systems is a matter of course at PIA. Get in touch with us and describe your task to us. Every single project is important to us and helps us to improve our products and thus their customer benefit in the long term.

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