Service package for mask production lines

Published on Jun 2, 2020


In addition to providing service support to PIA’s specialized machines, PIA Automation announces our ability to offer the full range of reactive, preventive, adaptive, and predictive services for mask production lines. Due to the corona pandemic, there has been a strong increase in inquiries for mask production lines. A separate service portfolio of solutions has been created specifically for these mass produced machines, which is now available to customers worldwide.

PIA has been able to draw on the experience gained from designing and producing these machines to service them as well. An example is the spare parts lists created and continuously expanded by our locations in China. Now the subsidiaries in Europe and North America are benefiting from this knowledge.

The global standard service portfolio created for the mask production lines consists of four different packages from which to choose:

  • Optimized and standardized spare parts package.
  • Specially trained service technicians - primarily from the software and mechatronics sectors - via an expert hotline. New to our North American locations: The hotline is available 24/7.
  • Maintenance & support package to perform work adapted to the customer's production times.
  • Package to support the ramp-up of a plant.

Ralph Schüssling (PIA Holding)

"PIA has adapted its service portfolio to the mask production lines."

These packages can include additional services such as an extended warranty, the provision of embossing rollers, and upgrades to the safety concept. This standardized and simplified service package will soon be incorporated into PIA's core business - special-purpose machinery manufacturing.

Ralph Schüssling, Director – Group Customer Service, stated, "Our customer base has expanded beyond specialized machines with the mask production lines, and many of them had little experience with automation until now. PIA has adapted its service portfolio to meet their needs from initial commissioning of the line through future service requests."

PIA Automation has developed centers of excellence for our specialties. In Europe, commissioning is coordinated by the two service locations in Erfurt and Stuttgart as well as by our operations facility in Bad Neustadt. PIA's Medical Competence Center in Amberg is responsible for the development and construction of the mask production lines.