"Smart Made in China"

Published on Apr 26, 2019


PIA's Ningbo site has successfully delivered a fully automated buffer assembly line to a German industrial manufacturer. The strategy of the PIA Group – cooperation, technology transfer and collaborative service within the PIA network for globally operating customers – has once again achieved great success.

“This is a highly integrated circular assembly line with 13 stations. The first station is for loading parts and the last station for unloading. In addition, 26 trays are in cycle operation. The accuracy of repeated positioning can reach ± 0.05 mm and the tact time is 11 seconds,” reports Zhang Xingyu, engineer at PIA Ningbo. Xingyu further shares the line can produce 3,000 products a day, with a qualified rate of products of higher than 99 %. It not only reduces labor costs for customers, but also strictly controls the quality of products, while all the indexes reach the most advanced level in the world.

The RFID technology equipped in the production line and the monitoring system developed by PIA independently can…

  • monitor the position and information of each tray in real time;
  • observe the working status of each station;
  • record the production data of each product;
  • classify and summarize the information data;
  • and archive and upload all data to a server.

The data application allows customers to optimize the overall efficiency of the production and is conducive to the future intelligent upgrading of the factory as a whole.

Haoyong Huang (PIA Ningbo, DGM)

"PIA once again demonstrated its position as a strong force in intelligent manufacturing".

In addition, the production line can manufacture a variety of different products. The integrated visual sensing technology enables a large number of product models to be recognized in real time, providing flexibility in production. The line can also be customized according to the demand of the order. “Made in China 2025” is a strategic plan of the Chinese Government to become a high-tech country. However, the trend is increasingly towards “Smart Made in China” and PIA – with its professional technical teams and high precision, independently developed automation solutions – is well equipped for this.

“The successful delivery of this production line to a European customer is proof PIA can serve the global market from any branch,” says Haoyong Huang, Deputy General Manager of PIA Ningbo. Huang continued: “Once again, PIA was able to impressively demonstrate its global position as a strong force in intelligent manufacturing”.