Fundraising campaign "local for local"

Published on Dec 11, 2020


"Especially in times like these, when we have to keep a distance, we have to show social closeness - more than ever. And the good thing about it: Everyone can make a contribution", reports Nikolaus Szlavik, Managing Director of PIA Automation Austria in Grambach.

While looking for projects to support, PIA Austria became aware of a fundraising campaign for a boy from the neighborhood who depends on constant companionship due to a developmental disability. To support him, his family decided to buy a therapy assistance dog. A call for donations was launched to cover the purchase costs of €20,000. Nikolaus Szlavik: "When we heard about this appeal, it was clear that we wanted to help". So an internal collection campaign was started - with great success: in just a few days, €2,500 were raised. "The PIA employees keep their fingers crossed that the missing amount will be reached quickly and that the boy will soon be able to hug his new friend", says Nikolaus Szlavik.

Nikolaus Szlavik (PIA Austria)

"Especially in times like these we have to show social closeness. As a company, too."

From the region - For the region

Following the motto "local for local", another initiative was set in cooperation with the municipality of Raaba-Grambach: As a thank you for their commitment, the PIA Austria staff received Raaba-Grambach vouchers. "With the purchase of these vouchers, we would also like to support regional businesses, some of which were hit hard by Corona," reports Nikolaus Szlavik. The municipality supports this action with a discount of 10% on the voucher purchase.