An employee event "a real eye opener"

Published on Feb 5, 2018


Unlike any other business sector, the automation industry with its combination of expertise, associated know-how and rapid growth has created a modern day “busi-ness explosion.” Therefore, the value of lifelong learning, on-the-job training and upgrading required skills does not fall on deaf ears here at PIA Automation. We un-derstand that we can only maintain our internationally recognized reputation if we invest in the quality and support of our employees. With this deep understanding our in-house PIA Academy organizes specialized seminars, personality trainings, intercultural skills training and work-life balance courses for our staff, all for free.

PIA Automation Austria in Grambach is not only the initiator of the PIA Academy within the PIA Group, it is also our global powertrain head branch. “The Powertrain Production System from PIA Austria has a worldwide reputation and is one of our driving forces. Therefore, our Grambach location has been further expanded with a new production hall,” reports Johannes Linden (CEO). In addition to our existing production area of 7,300 m², another 2,200 m² are now available for our highly in-novative assembly and testing systems for projects within the powertrain, e-mobility and hybrid drive systems sectors.

Further, on January 30th two corporate highlights were celebrated as part of a staff event. On the one hand, the new assembly hall was opened and on the other, the 2018 PIA Academy education year was ushered in with a presentation of the new education catalog containing a total of 72 courses. As done every year, there was a celebration with a motto as well as a special guest speaker. “‘Education is the Movement from Darkness to Light‘. Relating to this motto we invited someone who understands this concept thoroughly as well as the importance of how cohesion and trust find their way around the unknown,” explains Danijela Ernst, Head of Hu-man Resources. The special guest, Andy Holzer, is a climber, extreme athlete, pre-holiday traveler and has been blind since birth. Simply known as the Blind Climber, Mr. Holzer was invited to Grambach to describe and discuss his so-called “view of things“.

Andy Holzer and PIA Automation: Making the connection! The corporate values of the PIA Group, which includes trust, courage, teamwork and passion, are the perfect compliment to Andy Holzer. Without these principles how else would he have managed to climb the summit of Mount Everest with his team? His lectures demonstrate the importance of motivation and welcoming new perspectives. Johannes Linden comments, "In order to make the best possible use of synergies within the newly formed PIA Group, the 'olymPIA 2020' project was launched. The major goal here is to build a sense of unity within the group in order to break new ground. We want to climb the Olympus together, so to speak, and we can look to Mr. Holzer as inspiration to accomplish this goal.”

The end of the presentation provided our 350 PIA employees with the realization that there are no barriers other than those we set ourselves. Therefore, the PIA Academy is designed to help overcome these mental barriers so as to break new ground together as a team.

About PIA Automation

PIA Automation is an internationally established group of companies offering tech-nically complex and economically mature automation solutions. The PIA in-house resources deliver a perfect interaction of mechanics, electronics, programming, measurement technology, production data systems, documentation, image proces-sing and robotics as well as research and development – all from a single source. The range of services extends from manual assembly workstations to fully automa-tic production systems with integrated testing technology and data documentation. PIA is responding to the trends in digitization and networking in the manufacturing process with its own Industry 4.0 solutions.

PIA Automation Austria GmbH, based in Grambach (Austria), is an internationally leading company in the field of plant construction, automation technology and pro-duction systems. PIA Austria is one of the market leaders in Europe and North America in the manufactoring of power train production systems. Therefore, the site will be further expanded as a global powertrain head branch (production of highly innovative assembly and test systems for projects in the Powertrain, E-Mobi-lity and Hybrid Powertrain systems) of the PIA Group. Customers from the electro-nics and consumer goods industries as well as medical technology are also served by PIA Austria.

Johannes Linden (CEO), Andy Holzer and Danijela Ernst (Head HR) in the new as-sembly hall of the PIA Automation Austria GmbH in Grambach [f.l.t.r.].