Social Commitment and Responsibility

Published on Apr 23, 2021


Social engagement is anchored within the PIA mission including the principal "Advancement of a healthy society". Therefore, we wanted to do our part in supporting activities that help keep our community safe and healthy.

PIA Automation has been producing disposable mask manufacturing systems since the beginning of 2020. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is especially in high demand during this pandemic and we have a unique opportunity to help distribute PPE donations because of the mask manufacturing systems we produce. Thus, PIA Automation Evansville decided to produce masks with our own machines for local distribution and partnered with United Way which helped identify the nonprofit charities throughout southern Indiana, USA that had an immediate need for masks and over the span of two weeks we were able to distribute approx. over 28000 masks in total including additional mask for backup. We are pleased to contribute and do our part to support foundations and charities that are providing essential services to our community during this time and want to thank them for their hard work.