Roofing Ceremony at the new PIA AUTOMATION headquarters in Bad Neustadt

Published on Sep 5, 2018


With sunshine PIA AUTOMATION hosted the roofing-ceremony at September 11 in their new building at the Altenberg in Bad Neustadt. Matthias Popp from the Markgraf company did the traditional ceremony speech and cleared and smashed three glasses after thanking all participants for the great collaboration. Afterwards the roof crown was elevated.

Günter Brosch (PIA Managing Director Bad Neustadt) was very satisfied with the fact that in less than six months after beginning with the construction the roofing ceremony is able to be celebrated. Thomas Ernst (CSO PIA Automation Holding) emphasizes the trust in the Bad Neustadt location, shown by this imposing and seminal building.

And this building is more than necessary. The assembly hall with its ground area of 8.250 sqm enables PIA to make allowance to the current order situation and the bright, modern and open office spaces to provide enough space for the currently growing demand for manpower.

The project is on target and already in mid of November the first machines will be installed in the new assembly hall, further relocation will follow gradually. With the end of march the complete relocation will be finished.

All participants agreed in one point. This project is a further contribution to the enhancement of the PIA AUTOMATION´s competitiveness on the world market.