Mission: e-possible!

Published on Feb 3, 2020


Long-standing experience and reliable cooperation are the prerequisites of PIA's success in a massive project. The objective: The manufacture of a production system for an 800 V inverter, which finds its final destination in a electric sports car of a German premium brand.

PIA Automation in Bad Neustadt an der Saale has excellent e-mobility expertise for years. Together with a company also based in Bad Neustadt, they work closely together in the development of new drive technology products of tomorrow. This also applies to a project for an assembly and testing system for an 800 V inverter. Good prerequisites for success are PIA's competences, for example in the field of measurement technology and high voltage. The latter also includes highly complex contacting and adaptations for high currents. The demanded process reliability is a general challenge that is given top priority. Furthermore, the vehicle parts are relevant to safety which means faults can pose a risk for passengers. Moreover the produced parts have a relatively high weight (approx. 20 kg) and enormous dimensions of up to 50 x 30 cm.

Thomas Ernst (CSO, PIA Gruppe)

"PIA has many years of expertise in the field of measurement technology and high voltage."

Due to the fact that parts are extremely expensive and of high quality great efforts are required to provide this reliability, e.g. using intricate camera and monitoring systems at the worker’s station. To deal with that PIA needs sophisticated workpiece logistics. Further challenges lie in the systems’ assembly concept. On the one hand, it must be highly flexible to be able to add places at any time. On the other hand, we are dealing with voltages and currents of up to 150 kW. Storage systems of up to 350 Ampere and 1,000 V are required. This, in turn, necessitates cable cross-sections of up to 95 mm². The protection of people coming into contact with parts must be guaranteed.

The e-mobility market is growing strongly. However, the framework conditions for suppliers are challenging. PIA's highly flexible system concept provides the right answers to short delivery times, high cost pressure and high safety regulations. We therefore see ourselves as a pioneer for a clean and safe mobility of tomorrow.