Switch to the manufacture of mask production systems

Published on Apr 6, 2020


The Medical Division of PIA Automation Amberg switches to the manufacture of mask production systems.

The WHO has warned again that there is a considerable shortage worldwide, especially of protective clothing, gloves and masks for healthcare workers.

The management in Amberg with Mr. Armin Schalk and Mr. André Vales have a clear answer to this! "We are not dependent on the world market alone", said Mr Vales. We can do it together! Within a very short period of time we have designed a face mask production machine and are currently in the production of the first plants".

Each line will be able to supply a quantity of up to 140,000 units per day and cover several product variants of two-, three- or four-layer disposable masks. The manufacturing process includes feeding of filter material, folding and pressing, feeding of nose bridge clips, forming of masks, cutting of masks, welding of ear straps, packaging and other auxiliary processes.

At present, several orders have already been placed at the Amberg site.

Due to the high demand, we will increase our capacities and work together to meet this challenge. If all suppliers and partners pull together, we will succeed.

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