Customer requirements implemented swiftly and flexibly

Published on Oct 5, 2020


PIA Automation Amberg has already implemented its 7th inductive charging system production line and yet, every system is different. Meeting individual customer demands at maximum quality has always been one of the main success factors in machine engineering.

Customer demands are getting more and more specific, production systems ever more complex and the market is constantly changing too. This requires ever deeper and more flexible integration of machines into a customer’s entire production system. Thus, the order for the 7th inductive charging system production line was followed by a type conversion. Specifically, this project saw the modification of stations and processes to allow for the assembly of a plug version for the Arabic market. Despite these new requirements and the increased efforts, they involved this production system was transported to Hungary in the target week to be assembled at the consumer goods customer’s plant. It encompasses four modules with some 70 individual stations and marks a high-end product with a cycle time of 30 parts/min.

Andre Vales (PIA Amberg)

"We can’t wait to continue this successful business relationship!"

The customer was blown away by our flexibility and satisfied on all fronts since we were actually able to cut the project run time a little short. Thus, we have proved once more that PIA is an outstanding partner in the consumer goods sector. It’s all the more satisfying that this repeat customer has already mentioned further projects for the future. Andre Vales (Managing Director of PIA Automation Amberg) response: “We successfully implemented projects for this customer in Asia, North America and Europe. We can’t wait to continue this business relationship!”.