Published on Jun 9, 2023


At PIA, it is a top priority to have our apprentices take on responsibility and gain practical experience early on. Five young talents at the Amberg (Germany) location have successfully mastered an apprentice project together.

The task was to manufacture a filter assembly for a long-standing PIA customer. The filters are part of a check valve in vehicle ESP modules. The assembly is produced on a variable basic machine with twelve workstations in a cycle time of two seconds. The apprentices were given an existing machine as a reference, which they had to replicate in order to set up another production line at a second location of the customer.

Our mechatronics apprentices, actively supported by experienced PIA experts, assembled the system and prepared it for software installation. They took care of pre-assembly, final assembly, and station wiring - all of which are part of the final exam for aspiring mechatronics technicians. Additionally, they started up the machine, made optimizations, and conducted test runs. "It was a great feeling when the machine was up and running for the first time," says Tim Piehler, one of the project team members. In the process, he and the apprentice team also learned customer-oriented problem-solving skills - one of PIA's key qualities.

During the commissioning at the customer's site, our apprentices had the support of an experienced project installer, ensuring they were prepared for any inquiries - although in retrospect, it turned out not to be necessary because our guys handled it brilliantly.

Zum Projekt ist auch ein kurzes Video entstanden, das hier zu sehen ist.

We are always looking for committed young talents who are passionate about technology and want to gain practical experience from day one. Our automation solutions require a lot of inventiveness and people who are ready to pitch in and grow with us as part of #teamPIA.

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