Case Study: Components

Assembly line for TFT displays

TFT displays have become an integral part of our everyday life and use. PIA is a professional in the field of automotive infotainment with assembly lines for the production of TFT operating displays.

A reliable technology is important, e.g. to ensure protection against dust and humidity as well as to maximize the reaction speed when operating the touch display. An example of a successful technical implementation is the operating display for an electric vehicle.

The main know-how in production is in optical bonding, which PIA has mastered excellently with its equipment.


  • Mounting the rotary actuator
  • EOL rotary actuator
  • Electronics and display


  • Automatic input control
  • Air cleaning and plasma treatment
  • Dam application, curing
  • Dispensing and Assembly
  • Curing conveyor and extraction


  •  Plasma cleaning of rotary actuator, rear panel and TFT display side and rear
  • Mounting turntable: 7-stage
  • Manual work station: 2-stage

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