Manufacturing automation

Manufacturing automation

Increase of quality and efficiency

In the manufacturing sector, digital transformation has long been an important topic for increasing quality and efficiency. Automation in the sense of Industry 4.0 occupies a key position. As a company for innovative automation technologies, PIA successfully networks people, products and machines and continuously develops intelligent solutions. Because the more versatile a manufacturing process is networked, the more flexible and efficient the production processes become.

PIA production automation stands for individuality and flexibility.

The experience of several decades in the complex field of production automation gives PIA a high level of competence in the realization of automation solutions with a high degree of individualization. This is an indispensable feature, especially in view of the continuously changing demands of the market. This is because production-relevant changing framework conditions are just as much an issue as changing manufacturing and assembly processes in the form of changing quantities or horizontal diversification of products.

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Development, implementation and support

The four elements of successful production automation

The development of a highly individualized PIA automation solution is based on various influencing factors. However, the product is always at the center of the concept. Because its individual properties ultimately determine the required processes and PIA elements. Only the perfectly coordinated interaction of product requirements, framework conditions, PIA system elements and processes enables an economically and technically optimized automation.

Interdisciplinary cooperation for project success


Individual requirements characterize the automation projects of PIA. PIA's employees attach great importance to close cooperation with our customers in order to meet these requirements successfully and reliably. The interdisciplinary cooperation of the PIA experts across continents is just as relevant a component as the personal contact person during a project.

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Efficiency and individualization with maximum flexibility

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The fast pace of modern life has a lasting effect on the product life cycle. But the continuously increasing cost pressure and quality demands also have an impact on production. All this places the highest demands on the flexibility of modern automation solutions, communication with other participants along the production chain and the highest possible degree of individualization of production and assembly systems.

PIA automation solutions

PIA Services for maximum plant availability

Customer Service Center

Technical malfunctions or the complete breakdown of a production plant always represent a critical situation. Therefore fast reaction times and solutions are indispensable. Various services and our 24-hour hotline have a positive effect on the profitability of your PIA automation solution.

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PIA Industry 4.0

Networked communication along the production chain

One of the goals of Industry 4.0 is to network a wide variety of processes along the entire production chain, from the delivery of raw materials to the delivery of finished products. PIA's solutions are geared to these complex requirements. They optimize the communication between man, machine and product and automate all processes depending on the individual requirements. This interaction between sensors, software solutions, innovative machine and robot technologies and humans in individually defined functions ensures the optimization of production processes according to qualitative and economic aspects.

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