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Robot cells

Modern factory planning and effective process optimization is hardly conceivable today without robots and other fully automatic machines. They optimize production even for highly complex tasks by increasing output and thus sales as well as reducing operating and personnel costs. Flexibly designed robot cells can not only be used in mass production, but also allow increased cost-effectiveness for small series. If you want to gain competitive advantages and meet the increasing demands of modern production, our fully automated and future-oriented production cells - regardless of your industry and your portfolio - are the right choice.

Flexibility comes first

Fully automatic, robot-supported manufacturing and assembly systems from PIA offer numerous advantages over conventional workplaces. Depending on the concept and type of assembly specified by the customer, we equip our robot cells with workpiece carriers or rotary indexing systems or combine both principles. They guarantee maximum flexibility, are compact and therefore space-saving, have excellent accessibility to the individual workstations and offer the possibility of integrating different feeding systems for components and assemblies. The flexibility of our robot cells is an important factor, because it ensures that you can continuously optimize your investments by integrating new tasks and supplementary functions of other components into the system. Our expertise in automation solutions enables us to meet even the most complex requirements of our customers for robot cells.

Advantages of our robot cells

On closer inspection, the advantages of robot cells are obvious. They allow a significant increase in productivity and reduce operating costs. Investments pay for themselves after only a few years. An individual design, as you can expect from PIA, allows a flexible adaptation to your production due to innovative and sustainable solutions in detail, even if it concerns complicated production and assembly processes, which cause a high expenditure in automation. Smart components, customized modules and dynamic control options make our products ready for the coming big turn to industry 4.0.

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