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Lean Production Systems

Lean production aims to make all manufacturing processes required for a product more efficient, faster and more cost-effective, regardless of the industry. Streamlining production processes is not just an option, however, but a simple necessity in order to remain competitive and thus viable in the face of competition.

In order to perfect lean production, unnecessary work steps must be avoided in every area. To this end, all resources that contribute to production must be carefully examined: the number of employees, the level of inventories, possible overcapacities, unused times and the structure of the individual processes.

One cause of overproduction, for example, is an incorrect error prognosis. PIA systems provide you with comprehensive data and detailed statistics to help you determine the number of defective products and then make more accurate predictions about the expected failure rate. Frequently a product is also classified as defective without there really being a fault. Our lean production systems prevent this and thus ensure a higher throughput rate and less downtime.

Every company attaches great importance to increasing production speed. Our fully automatic systems support you, especially when it comes to supplementing or completely replacing manual activities.

Optimization of lean production processes

However, minimizing the effort is not the only goal of lean production. Factors such as quality assurance of the product or remedying defects, the technical equipment of workplaces, flexibility and, last but not least, human labour play an important role. Therefore, the main focus should not only be on reducing costs, but on optimizing all process steps.

This is where PIA comes in. We develop assembly systems as highly compact and quickly adaptable solutions for your industry, whether fully automatic, semi-automated or with individually manufactured workpiece carriers for production according to the one-piece-flow principle.

You want to streamline your production and increase your turnover? Then you should talk to us so that we can explain all the advantages of PIA Lean Production Systems in detail.

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