Automated assembly systems

Automated assembly systems

Implement automated assembly systems with the PIA Group

Depending on the industry and company, a variety of assembly steps with a complex sequence are part of everyday production. Due to the variance in order situation, life cycles and the product itself, it becomes a challenge to make optimum use of existing production systems and to minimize production costs. With automated assembly systems, your company benefits from a modern approach to making the production of your components more flexible and intelligent. The PIA Group is your partner from the conception to the implementation of these modern, digital system solutions.

Automated assembly systems

What makes it stand out?

The automation of individual product steps has been established in all industrial sectors for decades. Automated assembly systems go beyond this and within the framework of digital transformation ensure intelligent interaction between machines and systems as well as with your human personnel.

If, depending on the product variance, a large number of different production cycles are established in your company, automated assembly systems can help you make optimum use of your capacities. This helps above all to save time and costs if your production does not necessarily consist of a fixed, serial sequence of assembly steps.

The digital analysis and control of the assembly system is also linked to a multitude of information that is available to you and your employees in real time. From free capacities of individual machines to the duration of the entire production process, automated assembly systems enable you to keep an eye on all core data of the production line and make appropriate adjustments.

Assembly automation

Individual concepts for you

Automated assembly systems must fit exactly to your company and the parts to be produced. An intelligent and individual conception is indispensable, which our PIA Group would be pleased to carry out on your premises. In the first step, we carry out an expert analysis of your current production steps and identify any weak points. With the conversion to automated assembly systems, we compensate for these immediately and give you and your employees greater freedom to intelligently control the automated processes. As with the traditional automation of individual work steps, the introduction of an assembly system ultimately serves to relieve your employees and is not intended to replace them in the long term.

Questions about automated assembly?

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If you would like to find out how automated assembly systems can be implemented with a manageable budget, use the personal contact to the PIA Group. We will be happy to show you in a personal conversation why the conversion of your production is worthwhile and how you can soon reduce time and production costs. Use automated assembly systems to achieve greater competitiveness and introduce the digital transformation of industrial production promptly. The PIA Group is pleased to accompany you as an expert industrial partner.