Assembly automation

Assembly automation

Designing work processes more efficiently

Contemporary industrial assembly is a complex and varied challenge. With changes in your order situation, the lifecycles of your products and an increasing product variance, the sequence of your assembly can be designed to be both flexible and cost-conscious. With assembly automation from the PIA Group, you benefit from modern systems that adequately meet the individual requirements of your company and your production lines. Increase your competitiveness with our help and profit from decreasing costs and times of automated assembly.

Recognize challenges of assembly automation

efficiency increase

Assembly automation as the key to increased efficiency

As a leading manufacturer of automation solutions, we understand that assembly automation plays a key role in the modern manufacturing industry. Our goal is to help companies successfully meet the challenges of assembly automation and highly automated assembly processes, and to take full advantage of this revolutionary technology. We help companies around the world produce more sustainably and efficiently with assembly systems from PIA.



Complexity - our expertise makes the difference

The complexity of assembly automation is a challenge we face every day. We place great emphasis on precise planning and programming. Our experienced team of engineers and automation specialists has the necessary know-how to develop customized assembly systems that are perfectly tailored to our customers' individual requirements. To support assembly automation, we also use PIA-VR technology to run through all assembly situations and ergonomic case studies in advance in a virtual production facility.



Adaptability - flexible solutions for every requirement

We know that requirements in the manufacturing industry are constantly changing. That's why we place great emphasis on the flexibility of our automation solutions. Our systems can be easily adapted and expanded to meet the changing needs of our customers. Likewise, assembly systems can be integrated directly into existing production environments. We achieve this through open interfaces, standardized communication protocols and modular automation solutions such as our clictec system or assembly robotics



Reliability - zero downtime is our goal

As a manufacturer of automation solutions, we have understood the importance of reliability for more than 50 years. Our state-of-the-art assembly systems are manufactured to strict quality standards and are designed to keep downtime to a minimum. With our service portfolio, regular maintenance, intelligent monitoring systems and redundant components, we also support you after commissioning and throughout the entire machine life cycle.


Costs - efficient investments in the future

We are aware that the introduction of assembly automation involves investments. Our goal is to help our customers keep costs under control and achieve long-term savings. Our automation solutions are designed to increase efficiency and maximize productivity. Our automated assembly processes allow all resources to be used efficiently, improving profitability.


Human-machine interaction

Human-machine interaction - harmony in the work process

We believe in close cooperation between man and machine. Our automation systems are designed to ensure that both employees and the automated systems can work safely. This can be ensured through the use of safety technologies such as photoelectric sensors, emergency stop switches and shields We create solutions that improve efficiency and safety in the workplace and promote human-machine interaction.


Quality Control

Quality Control - excellent quality is our promise

The quality and safety of the assembly systems we develop is our top priority. Our automation systems are equipped with built-in quality controls to ensure that the highest quality standards are met. This includes everything from inspection of individual components, assemblies and the finished product to traceability.


Reference examples

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PIA Automation

With our experience we offer you the decisive advantage

As a manufacturer of automation solutions, we are committed to helping our customers successfully meet the challenges of assembly automation. We believe that assembly automation will shape the future of the manufacturing industry, and we are proud to play our part by delivering innovative and customized solutions.

Modern assembly automation

What makes it stand out?

Automated processes in the assembly of your plant and components encompass more than the automation of a single assembly step. Through intelligent communication between the individual machines and systems, you can find out more about the availability of individual assembly modules via a central or decentralised control system. This is particularly worthwhile in production lines that do not necessarily follow a single serial sequence of production steps.

In an intelligent assembly automation system, the digital technical framework also ensures that all relevant production data is recorded and documented in real time. This makes it easier for your employees to gain an overview of the often so complex overall production. The closed system makes it possible to see every second where certain components of the production line are currently located or when the entire production order can be expected to be completed.

Your unique assembly system

Intelligent concepts

Every production is different and includes different steps, machines and freedoms in production planning. The PIA Group is familiar with this and implements assembly automation systems exactly according to the needs of your customers. The basis for this is the recording of the currently established assembly processes in order to determine the degree of complexity and freedom within the framework of individual production processes.

Based on this analysis, we develop intelligent assembly automation systems for our customers. Here we show you the opportunities offered by the digital transformation of the workplace (keyword: Internet of Things) and the positive influence this has on your production processes. We would also be pleased to talk to your employees in order to take away their worries and fears, as is the case with all automation measures. After all, assembly automation should be understood as a relief for your competent employees, not as a replacement.

PIA Group

Your partner for assembly automation

With customized assembly automation, you can reduce production times, motivate your employees and obtain a strong basis for greater competitiveness. Contact the PIA Group to learn more about the automation of your assembly steps and soon benefit from an individually designed system. We have a great deal of experience in assisting industrial customers from all sectors and show them how to achieve modern assembly automation within your budget.