Data analysis down to the smallest detail for targeted process optimisation

piaOptimum is an application that identifies bottlenecks in complex, interlinked assembly plants, and allows for the rapid and sustainable optimisation of production efficiency thanks to the data transparency. The performance of both individual units and sections of the production line, or the entire plant, can be assessed.

piaOptimum can be flexibly connected to all types of automation systems. The application stands out thanks to the detail of its data analysis. Along with cycle analyses for individual units, it can also record and evaluate partial cycles for each individual movement or sub-movement. All reports and errors are also recorded. That means process results can be evaluated in detail and sequences can be compared. With just a few clicks, piaOptimum shows which unit and partial movement has changed and affected overall output.

Simple configuration without interfering with the PLC

The second decisive advantage, compared to competing products, is the simple configuration of all required data points via the software’s web-based user interface. That does not require any changes to the PLC programming. Instead piaOptimum allows completely flexible data connection using the OPC-UA protocol. Access is also flexible: Data can be evaluated by service technicians on site or accessed remotely. The software offers extensive functionality and allows specific data and analyses to be made available to different target groups. A plant knowledge database is available for use in troubleshooting and process optimisation, which allows operating instructions for individual units to be saved along with internal notes. piaOptimum can be used with individual units, sections, the whole system, or an entire production location. PIA Automation thereby offers comprehensive service, from setting up the assembly line and the analysis software package to optimisation services form the PIA analysis team.


Application for bottle-neck detection and process optimization in complex inter-linked assembly lines The tool purpose is the fast but sustainable optimization starting from individual stations’ performance, over line segments, and up to entire assembly lines Flexible data access to all existing PLC units empowers a revolutionary way of data evaluation

  • Process data
  • Machine data
  • User inputs

Comprehensive analytics, intuitive visualization and high usability facilitate the daily tasks of line operators and system optimizers


  • „One stop“ solution: PIA Automation offers the overall package
    • Assembly line,
    • Analytics software and
    • Optimization service
  • Flexible data access using OPC-UA 
  • Edge Computing directly in the assembly line or factory
  • Revolutionary level of detail regarding the analysis of lines and stations down to individual movements
  • Features like knowledge database, message service and top losses

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