Measurement computer system: flexible, intuitive, Industry 4.0 ready

piaDynamics is a measurement computer system for production systems with a high level of automation. Its combination of intuitive software and flexible hardware sets it apart.

piaDynamics is predestined for applications with high demands in terms of measuring accuracy, for example in the areas of automobile transmission and assembly. Because highly complex measurements play an important role in those areas, which not only require static measurements like individual paths, lengths, pressure or forces, but also measurement of dynamic processes.


Flexible hardware, intuitive software

The software is not limited to certain hardware components or expansion cards. That makes piaDynamics completely flexible in use, including with regard to the hardware used. Further advantages of the PIA web application include its intuitive interface and simple menu.

Configuration instead of programming

Another unique selling point is the ability to configure the measurement computer, rather than programming it. A graphic editor offers prefabricated function blocks, which allow measurement technicians and quality managers to create and edit measurement sequences. That means knowledge of line programming is not required to use the measurement software. It also means that piaDynamics does not actively intervene in controls. It simply communicates with the PLC.

Industry 4.0 thanks to intelligent networking

The option to network several measuring units with a single measurement computer also means that piaDynamics is Industry 4.0-ready. Networking means all processes throughout the entire system can be monitored. Numerous control circuits with individual measuring units can be set up throughout the system, and then analysed from a single measurement computer. Because all the measuring units are networked, certain parameters can be changed over time to counter any changes in quality. Industry 4.0 is also reflected by the measurement system’s remote access options: The measurement computer can be accessed from anywhere using a mobile device with a browser.

Numerous types of sensors and signals

In the past, piaDynamics was mainly used in the automobile industry. However, it is also highly suitable for many other industries with high levels of automation. Whether in the planning process or at a later date: piaDynamics can be installed when a system is first set up or as a retrofit solution.

Features and Functions

  • Remote accessibility to each device with browser functionality (e.g. office)
  • Various calibration methods and master part management
  • Historical analyses and statistics with trend functions of measurement and calibration results
  • Simple editing of measurement sequences with graphical- and user-code sequence editor
  • Logging of all parameter changes
  • Security section with user, user groups, and access level management
  • Quick and easy system recovery with backup and restore functionality

optional Functions

  • Flexible User Interface creation with dashboard and widget-elements
  • Coupling of multiple measurement systems (e.g. for control loops)
  • Export in qs-STAT format (manuel and/or automatic)
  • Buttons for interactions on the web visualization (e.g. for calibration retry/abort)
  • Calibration dependent on temperature monitoring
  • Tangential composite and radial compo site inspection in-line with VDI/VDE2608
  • Minimum interval for automatic calibration request
  • User login over windows domain, RFID-reader or remote via plc

Information of the Product Owner

Franz Eberhart is the Product Owner of piaDynamics. His primary job is to compile, prioritize and pass on to the development team all the wishes the stakeholders – customers and the PIA PLC Team alike – have for the tool.


What is piaDynamics and what does it do?

Our measurement system is a combination of intuitive software and flexible hardware. In addition to visualizing the user interfaces for measurement machines, the tasks also include digitizing, scaling and calibrating sensor signals. The processing of the sensor values follows a configurable algorithm and is represented graphically in the form of sensor values and measurement results. The measurement data is stored in a database and can be visualized at any time in various statistical features for process control.

What makes piaDynamics so special?

There are many features that distinguish our tool from products available on the market. Among the most important are the following: piaDynamics offers flexibility in interface design (keyword: dashboards), access is possible with all browser-enabled devices – whether from mobiles or from the office –, measurement sequences can be easily adapted using a graphical editor, and ready-made sequence modules are available for complex measurement tasks.

Why did PIA decide to develop this tool?

Existing products partly rely on obsolete technologies. Therefore, remote access is only possible with additional software tools. Furthermore, the creation of measurement sequences is feasible only with programming knowledge, which is a disadvantage for the customer. In comparison, the motto of piaDynamics is: “configuring instead of programming”.

Which customers are already using piaDynamics?

Renowned automobile manufacturers (OEM) and their suppliers in Europe, Mexico and China already rely on piaDynamics. So far, the focus has been on automotive. With our sales team, however, we will now address customers from all industries. The flexibility of piaDynamics does not stop at industry boundaries.

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