PIA secures financing and sets course for the future

Published on Oct 5, 2023


In the midst of a dynamic market environment where it is necessary to react quickly to changing requirements and customer demands, PIA Automation has reached a remarkable milestone: the successful re-securing of its financing. All previously involved banks showed their confidence in PIA’s capabilities and remained on board. Furthermore, PIA Automation was able to secure an additional financing commitment from a reputable Chinese bank, and owner Jeff Wang has once again increased his financial support for the expansion of the business activities.

The substantial funds from this expanded financing will enable PIA Automation to respond flexibly to global projects and customer requests. Thomas Ernst, Co-CEO of PIA Automation, emphasizes the importance of this development: "In this challenging financing environment, syndicated financing provides us not only with high flexibility but also with financial stability for our business activities. This enables the entire PIA Automation Group to successfully advance projects worldwide and further leverage our global strength."

The financing was concluded under the lead of Commerzbank and extends until summer 2025. In addition to financial security, PIA Automation is building on the internal "We are PIA" program, which is strategically aligned with the company's future. The program comprises a total of 14 modules, which include the establishment of a global business segment structure focusing on growth areas, as well as the continuous optimization of internal processes in the project organization.

Co-CEO Shilai Xie emphasized the key importance of these measures: " For us, ‘creating efficiency’ is far more than just a corporate slogan to the outside world. We also actively practice this approach internally at PIA. In our global working environment, it is crucial to continuously optimize internal processes and to also make sure our specialized expertise and support can be swiftly and smoothly accessed from our 12 networked locations worldwide. In this way, we make sure that we can serve our global customers in the best way.

With strengthened financing, a clear focus on global customers, and its core technologies, PIA Automation is well equipped to successfully navigate the coming years. The PIA team looks forward to continuing to drive innovation and efficiency in the automation industry.