Published on Jul 31, 2023


Tobias Weber, digitization expert at PIA, and Stephan Verclas (Digital Enabler GmbH) in a double interview. 

The importance of the maintenance of assembly and testing systems are a topic on which Tobias Weber, Head of Software Standardization and Digitization at PIA Automation, and Stephan Verclas, Manager at Digital Enabler GmbH, agree on. After all, routine maintenance ensures that such systems remain efficient, which also significantly aids in achieving OEE objectives. 

In many cases, what is already standard in cars today has often not yet arrived in industry: When a vehicle is due for its next service, a display lights up to notify the driver. Even if, for example, the oil level is too low, modern vehicles issue an alert in advance. In industry, the reality is different: paper maintenance plans are still the rule rather than the exception, and the right tools are often lacking for efficient planned management around machine maintenance. 

This is where PIA's new Maintenance App comes in to play: It offers operators of its assembly systems a digital tool that makes routine maintenance much more convenient. This digital maintenance plan includes appointment reminders, scheduling, instructions and documentation system maintenance. Via the Customer Service Platform, which will round off PIA's digital service portfolio in 2024, the customer will also be able to contact PIA directly, request assistance or remote support, or order maintenance tasks from PIA.  

"We are convinced that software performance and service quality will make the difference in the assembly and testing systems of the future," says Tobias Weber. Learn how PIA enables its customers to keep their assembly and testing systems efficient over the long term thanks to intelligent maintenance systems in our double interview with Tobias and Stephan Verclas, Digital Enabler GmbH.