Major order for three water pump assembly lines

Published on Jul 17, 2023


PIA Automation recently won a major order at its site in Bad Neustadt, Germany. A system supplier and specialist for electric automotive drives has ordered three assembly lines for water pumps for electric vehicles. The order volume is in the double-digit millions range.

The recently confirmed order is a milestone for the site on this scale. Two of the assembly lines will be delivered to the customer's German site and one will go to their site in Mexico.

Water pumps for electric and hybrid vehicles

In battery-powered vehicles, thermal management is a particular challenge because the batteries generate heat during both the charging and discharging process. To ensure that they remain efficient, the batteries must be kept within an optimal temperature range. This is done by means of water that is pumped through the battery system, the coolant then absorbing waste heat from the batteries, transferring it to a heat exchanger and then that cooled water is pumped back into the battery system in a closed, usually maintenance-free, circuit. This process makes water pumps for cooling a critical key component for the long-term safe and reliable operation of electric vehicles.

Years of expertise developed by PIA Automation

PIA Automation is quite familiar with this product group at its Bad Neustadt site and that, combined with its many years of experience with water pump assembly systems, was the deciding factor in PIA's decision to win this significant order. Furthermore, the customer was impressed with PIA Automation's fast delivery capability.

Additional advantage: global footprint

Along with other compelling arguments like quality, flexibility and reliability from the previous partnership, PIA Automation was successful in winning the customer’s business in part due to its global footprint. PIA‘s location in Mexico allows it to efficiently and swiftly respond to the client‘s needs in the Americas. As a result, this ensures a smooth delivery process for the customer, for which the cross-location collaboration between Bad Neustadt and Mexico plays a crucial role. The PIA Group also has additional significant advantages in this case due to the interaction of its global expertise and the close information sharing between its various locations.