PIA Automation launches new Maintenance App

Published on Jun 19, 2023


A service module for the future

With the new Maintenance App, PIA Automation will offer users of its assembly and testing systems a software solution that makes maintenance management more efficient and convenient. The digital maintenance plan includes scheduling and appointment reminders, as well as central documentation and guidelines for inspections and repairs. While the first version of the Maintenance App allows for the storage of fixed intervals, the second expansion stage will also allow for the display of the maintenance requirements in an event-controlled manner, such as after a predetermined number of processes.

You know it from your own car: In most current vehicle models, an indicator lights up when the next service is due. Even if, for instance, the oil level is too low, the vehicle will report and request a refill - allowing the driver to react accordingly. Meanwhile, many authorized car care centers will proactively call their customers to make an appointment for the service and, ideally, do this well in advance so that the appointment can be convenient for the customer. However, this type of predictive maintenance and scheduling are still quite new in the industry. The reality is that planning management and maintenance plans are still frequently written out on paper, which is made more challenging by the growing shortage of skilled workers. Nonetheless, routine maintenance is a key success factor for achieving OEE goals, because: Predictive maintenance can prevent costly machine downtimes.

Digital, locally installed, and reliable

The Maintenance App, now available from PIA Automation, addresses these important issues and offers customers a reliable digital solution. Just as in vehicles, the app indicates, in advance, the need for the next regular maintenance or, in its second expansion stage, event-related maintenance, for example- when individual components are to be replaced due to the number of cycles reached. The Maintenance App is integrated into the PIA Industrial App Suite, which is already used by many customers. The suite analyzes quality and process data to ensure plant performance and subsequently optimize OEE values. The Maintenance App is installed locally in the customer's system, runs browser-based and makes it easy for users to keep track of upcoming or overdue maintenance work on their systems. The digital maintenance plan includes appointment reminders, planning, instructions, and documentation of the work on the system. For many customers, digital document storage in a central database is a decisive step forward compared to paper traffic.

Further expansion of the service portfolio now in preparation

In 2024, the PIA Customer Service Platform (CSP) will be launched as an added building block, rounding off the digital service portfolio centered on the Industrial App Suite. In addition to an inquiry function for any required exchange or spare parts, the CSP will provide the ability to contact PIA customer support with only a few mouse clicks. This will enable the plant operator to request assistance or remote support quickly and easily or even order maintenance tasks from PIA. Fast, direct, and easy communication with PIA Automation and the digital service portfolio through PIA Customer Service are becoming increasingly important for users, especially considering the growing complexity of the systems and the shortage of skilled workers.