Order for innovative AMR for PIA Automation

Published on Jan 24, 2022


Order for innovative AMR for PIA Automation

PIA Automation was able to convince again and produces a high quantity of the autonomous mobile robot piaAMR for a long-term business partner.

At PIA Automation, innovative concepts and solutions are created in order to jointly master customer-specific challenges. In order to be able to react flexibly and sustainably to situations in everyday operations, we developed the AMR - a mobile workpiece carrier and workstation in one. This serves as a driverless transport vehicle with its own drive, which can be used in assembly and production areas of the automotive industry as well as in the logistics of other industries.

With a payload of up to 1000kg, the robot moves autonomously from A to B at a speed <1.5m/s. Thanks to the free laser navigation and the simple loading concept, the AMR can be reused easily and quickly for new tasks. With our freely navigable and flexible layout, we create a completely free orientation in space and offer sustainable solutions for the future.

The advantages of the AMR are obvious: We offer our customers flexibility in layout, size, load capacity as well as load handling devices for their own individual needs. At the beginning of December 2021, PIA automation presented the AMR at the Battery-Show Europe in Stuttgart and it turned out that not only we like what it can do. A long-standing customer was also convinced by the diverse qualities and bought the innovative solution system.