Global market leader for Li-Ion batteries relies on PIA’s know-how

Published on May 20, 2022


E-mobility is gaining speed – in Europe and around the world. Consequently, we are also seeing a boom in battery cell factory construction. As an automation and technical equipment specialists, PIA is involved in a new project spearheaded by a global market leader for Li-ion batteries based in China. PIA’s expertise in tailored assembly and testing equipment for battery production, as well our proximity to the Chinese market due to our locations in the country, gave us the edge it needed to win the project.

The new client is one of the largest manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries for a variety of applications, including the electric vehicles built by multiple carmakers. In its search for local suppliers of machinery and equipment for the production of battery modules at its new factory in Germany, the client decided to go with PIA Automation, conveniently located just a few kilometres away in Erfurt.

“What clinched the project for us was the optimum cooperation between our European and Chinese sites,” says Thomas Ernst, Co-CEO of PIA Group. “That allows us to combine the best of both worlds: technological expertise in the field of battery assembly, quick delivery times, fast local support and efficient communication.” The project demonstrates the full effect of PIA’s local-for-local approach of serving its clients from within its company network.

Execution of the order, which involves the delivery of multiple manual repacking systems for battery modules, is overseen by PIA’s service team in Erfurt. The systems are operated by removing a module from a multi-component battery to perform an open-circuit voltage test. After testing, the module is placed in a tray that is stored at full capacity (roughly 600 kg) in a seven-level shelving set-up before being transported by forklift to the next step of the assembly and packing process. In this way, the handling units ensure a smooth production flow in the new plant of the Chinese battery group.

“Through projects like these, PIA Group is making a substantial contribution to the establishment of battery production in Europe”, Thomas Ernst emphasizes.

Franz Reiter, Managing Director at the PIA locations in Erfurt and Grambach (Austria)

“Despite the modest level of automation involved in the project, our concept has now enabled us to make a lasting impression with this global market leader in Europe as well. Thanks to the quality, flexibility and reliability of PIA Automation, we are already seeing further interest in additional orders.”