PIA: A network with responsibility

Published on Dec 10, 2018


PIA Automation is an international group of companies operating worldwide with a total of 9 locations. As a successful group we are convinced that an entrepreneurial mentality along with action are firmly linked to social responsibility. Therefore we support activities that contribute to the common good of society. Since the beginning of the year the social commitment of each PIA site has been bundled under the umbrella of the PIA Foundation with the aim of achieving an even greater impact.

The PIA Foundation stems from the vision of CEO Johannes Linden by establishing social responsibility as an integral part of PIA's corporate culture. “PIA stands for passion, inspiration and ambition. It is exactly this combination, our DNA so to speak, that makes the difference. Every project needs an innovative approach however, it’s with passion that something good becomes something special and unique” comments Johannes Linden. This approach spans the entire company, from customer projects all the way to the corporate citizenship of PIA Automation.

2018 is almost over and the activities carried out at all PIA branches within the PIA Foundation show one thing impressively: PIA is a network with responsibility. In addition to donations and the classic sponsoring totaling around € 25,000, PIA acted as a partner, providing support in the form of know-how and active action, adapted to the content of the project and local circumstances. Diverse as PIA itself were also the implemented initiatives.

Two examples to illustrate the many initiatives within the framework of the PIA Foundation:

  • Essential impressions of our environment are being transmitted by the eye, our most important sensory organ. Thus the complete or partial loss of vision affects many aspects and activities of daily life. For those affected, this often results in a loss of independence, the capacity to organize their lives and a profound lowering in the quality of life. The Albrecht Mayer Foundation was founded to contribute to a sustained program of scientific research leading to the development of therapies in the field of hereditary and acquired retinal diseases and diseases of the optic nerve. PIA has been supporting them for several years.


  • To give children a loving home in dignity and warmth, to support them and their families in difficult situations, to find ways out of the crisis together with them: This is the central task of SOS-Kinderdorf. In their facilities, children and adolescents are accompanied individually on their personal educational path – especially when they have to catch up on developmental deficits and have difficulties learning. A solid education and vocational training is essential for an independent and autonomous life. According to the motto “Better education, better life”, PIA supports the education programme of SOS-Kinderdorf.

Diverse as PIA itself were also the implemented initiatives.

Sponsoring Formula Student Teams

Sponsoring Waterloo Wolves Select Hockey Team

Participation "Big Bike for Heart and Stroke"

Participation "Toronto Corporate Run"

Participation "Movember"

PIA University Days

LEGO Workshops

Sponsoring Robotics Teams