One-stop-shop for Chinese industry

Published on Mar 11, 2019


The Chinese government is strongly pushing and encouraging the growth of innovation technologies, including mobility, green energy, lifestyle, and medicine, with the goal of becoming the world’s leading high-tech country. PIA Automation is well positioned to benefit from this initiative with manufacturing operations located in Ningbo and Suzhou, ideally centred in this vibrant market. And PIA has plans of further expansion to serve all industry sectors.

PIA Automation is a one-stop-shop that leverages the strengths and capabilities of all its facilities. “We develop automation solutions, tailor-made for the products and requirements of the customer. Organized in Strategic Business Units, synergy effects are ideally utilized within the global PIA network and the know-how of all locations is shared,” explains Johannes Linden, CEO of the PIA group. And this strategy works, as recent automotive projects between PIA Ningbo and the European branches shows. But PIA is much more than automotive. PIA is an interdisciplinary solution provider, serving a wide range of customers with specially adapted solutions. In addition to mobility, PIA’s other market segments include industrial and consumer goods, healthcare, green energy and Industry 4.0.

China – with its 1.4 billion people – is a very lucrative market for PIA as confirmed by the following headlines:

  • China’s growing middle class has a rising demand for high quality consumer goods.
  • Chinese brands gain importance: Confidence in products made in China is growing significantly.
  • Healthier lifestyle is booming in China: Chinese people aim to improve their health and lifestyle.
  • “Made in China 2025” is a strategic plan (comparable to the Industry 4.0 initiative in Germany) of the Chinese Government to become a high-tech country: MIC 2025 highlights 10 key prioritised industries including robotics, new energy, green vehicles, and hi-tech medical devices.

In all these areas, PIA – with its manufacturing facilities on-site and the global PIA knowledge – can be a solution partner for Chinese producers and suppliers. Mr. Linden summarizes the situation: “The global structure of mechanical engineering companies will play a decisive role in the future. Suppliers, who are globally networked and able to produce and support locally, will have a significant advantage in future projects. With the support of our visionary Chinese owner, PIA is perfectly positioned for strategic partnerships with all customers within China.”

Johannes Linden (PIA, CEO):

"PIA Automation is perfectly positioned for future strategic partnerships with all customers within China."

In order to be able to fully leverage PIA’s market potential, a second Chinese production facility opened in early 2019. Suzhou is the ideal location due to its direct access to the local pool of talent, which facilitates the recruitment of technicians and engineers. Its proximity to existing and potential new customers in Suzhou and Shanghai also serves us well. PIA will be able to capitalize on comprehensive possibilities for an even faster growth of its most profitable region. Currently, cooperative projects are being implemented between PIA’s Chinese branches and other sites in Europe as well as in North America. All these activities – and the planning of further subsidiaries in China – are just the starting point for the expansion in the Chinese market.