Production must continue...

Published on Mar 26, 2020


Nikolaus Szlavik, Chairman of the PIA Austria Management Board, describes his impressions of the first "Corona crisis" days. Even though the current situation is very challenging, his outlook for the future is positive.

PIA Automation Austria takes the fight against the corona virus very seriously and welcomes the measures taken by the Austrian government. The production here in Grambach will continue even in this crisis situation. In order to make this possible, a number of changes had to be made to guarantee compliance with all health-related and official safety measures. It is important for the entire Austrian economic system that industry remains active even in this state of emergency. And for this we need every single employee. Their work makes an unimaginable contribution to the business location Styria and Austria.

Now we have two priorities: 1) Not to endanger the health of our employees. 2.) Maintain production. The second point is a challenge, because we are dependent on our customers. PIA’s sales and project management team is in constant contact with our business partners to obtain all the information relevant to us. Our production halls are full; i.e. we don't actually run out of work. For most of these projects, the delivery date is - hopefully - after the Corona crisis. And deadlines must be met.

Nikolaus Szlavik (PIA Austria)

"We will do everything to make PIA emerge from this crisis more competitive."

We are doing everything possible to keep the negative effects of the crisis as small as possible. We have to produce to keep jobs and create a sustainable basis for the future. What we can definitely say is that the corona virus made us stronger as a team. The understanding of the PIA staff for all the measures taken makes me very proud as Managing Director. We will do everything to make PIA Austria emerge from this crisis stronger and more competitive.