PIA received order for a Time Gate Automated Cell dispense system

Published on Sep 23, 2019


PIA’s branch in Evansville received its second order for a Time Gate Automated Cell dispense system that dispenses time gate material to a triage base. The first order shipped in May 2019 and was for a single cell that will feed bases to the Triage Assembly Line built by PIA USA in 2013. This order is for two additional cells that will feed bases to two additional Triage Assembly Lines.

The machine will automate the Time Gate process to reduce number of manual operation and human error, and as a cost savings initiative, improve Triage part handling and part quality with a quantitative vision inspection.

The first system processed Triage bases through four stations as follows:

  1. Triage bases are automatically singulated onto the conveyor belt of the main machine.
  2. Time gate material is dispensed onto the triage base via an ink jet printer
  3. Bases are vision inspected to verify the time gate material was applied correctly
  4. Bases are automatically stacked and indexed on a conveyor out to an operator for loading into trays.

The new machines will be similar to the first order except two additional stations will be added:

  1. Laser mark product information onto the triage base.
  2. Bases will be vision inspected for black spots in the molded material.