PIA opens new High-Performance Buidling in Bad Neustadt

Published on Jun 7, 2019


On Friday, June 7, PIA Automation Bad Neustadt GmbH and PIA Holding had the opening ceremony of their new plant. More than 100 guests were invited including Judith Gerlach, Bavaria's State Ministry for Digital Affairs and all were delighted with the ceremonious event.

According to Johannes Linden, CEO of PIA Automation Holding, the new building also symbolizes the additional autonomy with which the PIA Group will now utilize to focus even more on the needs of its customers. Increasing competition as well as the shift to e-mobility is also creating new customer demands which PIA now faces with increased competitiveness and digital literacy.

Digital Minister Gerlach emphasized this importance during the opening ceremony, "Digitalization is changing entire production processes. Artificial intelligence, big data, robotics and automation play a central role in modern production lines. We need companies in Bavaria which use vision and power to tackle creative solutions. I am especially pleased that a sub-Franconian high-tech company remains loyal to the location."

Planning for the construction project started at the beginning of 2017. Due to a healthy cooperation between the planning team and the approval authorities, a rapid construction period was possible. By March 2019, 35,000 m2 of farmland had been transformed into a modern assembly hall and impressive office building. The new building has 5,500 m2 of office space and 8,700 m2 of production space.

The construction costs were approximatly 20 million euros and all construction adhears to the highest KFW efficiency standards. The building has energy-efficient underfloor heating as well as cooling within the offices and night cooling inside the hall. The offices have system glass partition walls providing light-flooded rooms. One of the main focal points of the new building is the innovative office façade.  The 1,000 m² façade with its logo and slogan, “WE AUTOMATE YOUR WORLD” is visible from afar and marks the optical highlight of the new building.

The address for the new building is: Theodor-Jopp-Strasse 6, 97616 Bad Neustadt an der Saale.

In December 2018, the relocation of the CNC production and logistics warehouse began and by March 31, 2019, the complete relocation had been completed. The operation is currently running smoothly.