Jan-Bernd Gier in the Economic Senate

Published on Jul 30, 2018


Jan-Bernd Gier, a managing director of PIA Automation Amberg GmbH, has been newly appointed as a Senator of the International Economic Senate (international Wirtschaftssenat, IWS) . The most important feature of IWS membership is access to our national and international networks. These bring together our Senators, directors at SMEs, traditional companies and corporations; cooperative partners at national and international levels and other associations under the auspices of the World Economic Council (WEC).

The IWS holds events in various formats, from intimate group conversations with politicians to roundtable discussions and business conferences.
The goal of the IWS is to support the common good in German and European politics, and it does so by developing relationships with educational institutions and coaching the next generation. The IWS considers this just as important as its international outlook.

“I am very curious as to what new impressions I will get as a senator, and how I can use the network provided to me for the benefit of our company. On the other hand, I am pleased to be able to support this association with my know-how and international experience”, explained Mr. Gier.