Premium technology for premium devices

Published on Sep 20, 2023


Anyone who has ever operated a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner or even a steam cooker knows that top-of-the-line household appliances are not only characterized by quality and durability, but can also usually be operated intuitively and reliably — often using touch displays. This is made possible through optical bonding, a process that joins the outer glass panel to the touch glass behind it.

PIA Automation has developed and set up several optical bonding systems for customers from different industries. Especially for top-of-the-line home appliances, the displays must meet the highest requirements — with high-contrast information in high color brilliance and precise touch control.

That is why the process used to connect the glass surface of the operating unit to the touch glass behind it is all the more important. It has a crucial impact on operation, color representation, readability and the overall quality of the display. In liquid optical clear adhesive bonding (LOCA bonding), the supreme discipline of optical bonding, a bonding fill compound is applied between the glass panel and the touch glass behind it, which is distributed evenly and without air pockets between the components. Displays manufactured in this way are clear and color-intensive as well as less susceptible to reflections from external light sources or soiling. In addition, they are also more robust since the glass panel, dispensing materials and touch sensor form a robust unit.

The optical bonding systems by PIA Automation provide absolute precision, high repeatability, fast cycle times and permanently excellent quality. PIA systems monitor the crucial individual steps as early as during the production process. If necessary, readjustments can be made immediately — a unique selling point that has already convinced many customers.


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