"We automate your world"

PIA Automation

"We automate your world"

PIA Automation Group is a leading suppliers of automation technology worldwide. With 60 years of experience, PIA Automation has built more than 8700 systems, mainly for automated assembly and testing processes, under the motto "We automate your world".

The history reaches back to the year 1919, when Jacob Preh founded Preh GmbH.

Today the company develops and manufactures customized automation solutions for various customers ranging from the mobility and healthcare to industrial and consumer goods Industry. With eight production locations and three service/engineering locations in China, Germany, Austria, Croatia, USA, Canada and Mexico.  

Developed by PIA

Optimization of complex production processes

Today technical products are manufactured with increasingly complex components. This presents a challenge to manufacturer as production, testing and integration processes of suppliers must be interlinked for lean manufacturing. PIA's solutions are designed according to a modular system developed by the company itself and proven in practice. This results in a far-reaching standardization of modules, which overall enables a more efficient and therefore more profitable production in all branches of industry.

For specific needs

Individual solutions for every customer

On the basis of standard modules, PIA Automation develops individual solutions for each customer, which are precisely tailored to the customer's requirements, production processes and product. Off-the-shelf" systems do not do justice to this because they are not able to react flexibly to customer requirements. PIA's planners and designers aim to consider even the smallest details and to cover all the client's specific needs.

PIA standard modules

Industry 4.0

Prepared for the future

Regardless of the industry, industrial automation is one of the key parts of the digital transformation that is shaping production today and will continue to do so in the near future, keyword: Industry 4.0. The intelligent networking of manufacturers, suppliers and service providers is a challenge that must be mastered. For this reason, PIA Automation has integrated technologies such as Smart Production and Industry 4.0 as an important asset in its corporate strategy and consistently uses the advantages of networking. In this way, PIA, as a leading automation company, can provide its customers in all sectors and industries with clear advantages.

Smart products of PIA

PIA in dialogue

PIA focuses on partnerships

Permanent communication and an open exchange of information with clients is an essential part of PIA's corporate strategy. Complex assembly methods and manufacturing processes can only be successfully implemented if communication between the two sides functions smoothly. The starting point is always the requirements and needs of the customer. We are providing our global presence as well as knowledge transfer and project collaborations between our OpCos to meet your needs. In addition, PIA is by your side from the initial planning phase to commissioning and beyond and your assigned PIA contact is available at any time to answer any questions.

PIA Project Management

Open communication

PIA is your partner

Please contact us, we will consult you for your automation solution.