Case Study: Components

Fully automatic assembly line for the assembly and testing glow plugs

Production line consisting of pre-assembly module (2 Weiss rotary tables), press-in module (AGM12050), final assembly module (AGM16070), thermal testing system (linear unit), labeling and packaging module (Weiss rotary table). The components are interconnected by a workpiece carrier circulation system (2 sets: 1x production, 1x waiting position, automatic changeover). Setup is carried out exclusively by means of program specifications – for this purpose, more than 20 servo axes move automatically to other basic positions.


  • Automatic parts feeding
  • Assembly
  • Type testing via line scan camera
  • Greasing
  • Annular gap test
  • Test for swarf freedom
  • Optical examination of the contours
  • Linear measurements
  • Pressing-in with monitoring of force and travel
  • Crimping
  • Temperature measurement (900°C) via infrared sensors
  • Power consumption test 
  • Cooling of the components by means of water-cooled gripping jaws
  • Concentricity check by means of image processing system
  • Laser inscribing (Rofin-Sinar)
  • Thread rewinding
  • Packing in bags (IVECO pack)
  • Traceability
  • Host computer connection

Cycle rate

26 parts/minute = 2.3 seconds per part

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