Case Study: Commercial Goods

Terminal block assembly with PIA SWT

These components require a flexible production environment due to the wide range of variants. Terminal blocks are used for the wiring of control cabinets and distribution boxes. The large number of variants that deviate from constructional requirements due to their different grid spacing, housings/cover designs, special equipment – and on occasion, the considerable linear variations in the plastic housings – place special demands on an assembly line system for these electrical components. The PIA SWT linear transfer system has been specially designed for these requirements. Thanks to its modular design and servo-controlled workpiece carrier system, it can be flexibly adapted to the customer’s requirements and used in a wide variety of applications.

  • Housing length up to 150 mm, e.g. pole numbers from 2 to 32
  • Arranging pole number in rows possible
  • Process integration (screwing, dosing, testing, etc.)
  • Servo-controlled, freely programmable workpiece carrier feed
  • High cycle rate

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