Spring Festival in China

Veröffentlicht am Feb 12, 2018


Spring Festival is the most important traditional festival and a public holiday in China. The Spring Festival Eve 2018 will fall on February 15th and celebrations will continue from New Year's Eve for 16 days in total. At that time people begin decorating their house with red lanterns or art pieces of paper cutting. Family members will get together and have good dinners with each other, just like Christmas in the western culture.

As a member of NPIA family, our colleagues are preparing interesting special shows such as dancing and music playing for the NPIA Spring Festival Annual Party, which will be held on 10th February. PIA team is an innovative team, we are not only specialists for customer-oriented machine design, but we are also good at showing our unique personalities while we participate in the group activities.

Maybe now is a little bit late but please accept our sincerest wishes for the coming New Year. Happy New Year 2018! Welcome to the year of the dog!

The picture shows the meeting hall of NPIA Spring Festival Annual Party.