Automotive displays from PIA

Published on Sep 22, 2020


You can find them on refrigerators, washing machines and infotainment components. Displays have long become a part of every day life. PIA is a leading manufacturer of systems for the production of TFT screens for the automotive infotainment sector.

Reliable technology is important when it comes to TFT (Thin Film Transistor) screens, for instance to maximize the screen’s dust and humidity resistance, response speed and the user-friendliness of its touch functions. One example for the successful implementation of these aspects is our operating screen for an electric SUV. The most significant production know-how lies in optical bonding which PIA masters with its systems. This process takes place in 4 modules. From automatic screen feed control incl. color sensor, to component cleaning with ionized air to atmospheric plasma treatment. The bonding agent is applied in accordance with customer specifications and the bonding process takes place with the input of an active position correction system. TFT and cover glass pane are bonded in a freely parameterizable capping process. A UV lamp finally cures the bonding agent. Downstream, the unit is once again plasma-cleaned, followed by a 7-step process on a rotary assembly table and a 4-stage EOL test.

Another example are steering wheel buttons with displays, which are also produced by PIA. Steering wheel buttons are used to quickly select functions related to driving dynamics. Thanks to the ergonomically correct positioning of the other steering wheel buttons within immediate reach of the driver’s fingers, they hardly ever need to take their hands off the wheel. Our system – a manually fed fully automated one – produces the bonded screen modules in two versions and performs a fully automated test. Production takes place in accordance with cleanroom class 6 adhering to ESD requirements on a rotary table with 5 stations.

Production line for TFT screens for the automotive infotainment sector.