Focus on the North American market

Published on Dec 1, 2020


Two countries, one common goal: Conquering the North American market. Under the leadership of Uwe Krueger, Managing Director of PIA Automation Canada and PIA Automation USA, the locations in Toronto and Evansville are intensifying their cooperation. Because together we are more successful!

One strength of PIA is its global footprint throughout all relevant industries as well as the collaboration between all operating companies. Both prove to be a major advantage in growing and diversifying its market positions. Therefore, it is an important goal of the North American leadership team to further grow the collaboration between the two locations PIA Automation Canada and PIA Automation USA. Under the lead of Uwe Krueger, departments in all disciplines are working towards a closer and more intense exchange and cooperation.

Uwe Krueger (PIA Canada & PIA USA)

"The cooperation results in advantages for our North American customers."

One example is the re-organization of the Sales Team. Every account manager targets a specific market segment such as Automotive Safety- or Medical Applications across Canada and the USA. Every account manager has also been assigned to a specific industry and customer group. Another example of cooperation was established during the first and second quarter of 2020 in which PIA Automation USA teams supported the commissioning of projects in Toronto, another step to further shape a “PIA North America identity”. Collaboration between the North American operating companies not only helps to balance the workload between the locations but also expands expertise and knowledge and is therefore an essential part to further business growth in North America.